The Santa Maria Wind Bell... Our first new product for 2024

Our first new introduction for 2024 is called "Santa Maria," a rustic wind bell inspired by the Southwest, and proudly belonging to our exclusive Mission Bell Collection. Boasting our distinctive Patina Finish, it showcases a weathered, torched copper appearance with captivating accents ranging from reddish-brown and pink to blue, yellow, and natural copper tones. With three striking surfaces, this bell produces a wonderfully robust sound, setting it apart as one of the larger designs in the Mission Bell Collection. 

This Santa Maria Bell makes a gorgeous addition to any home, deck, patio, greenhouse, or garden. It is the perfect gift for anyone that enjoys rustic elegance.

These carefully hand crafted instruments compliment the beauty of your garden and environment.

A bit of Spanish Mission history;
Mission Santa María de Los Ángeles was the last of the missions established by the Jesuits in Baja California, Mexico, in 1767. The mission was named after Saint Maria of the Angels, as well as after Maria Ana Antonia Luisa de Borja-Centelles y Fernández de Córdoba, Duchess of Gandía, who donated money to the Baja California missions in 1747.

The Santa Maria Mission was built in a very remote, inaccessible place. The mission was abandoned around 1774. Santa Maria would slowly crumble once the palm leaf roof vanished. The ruins at Santa María fared much better than the other adobe missions to the north, due to the dryer weather and difficulty to reach by treasure hunters. Yet, treasure hunting has damaged even remote Mission Santa María. Now only lions, Bighorns, coyotes, rattlesnakes all live here.

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