Buy Contemporary Dinner Bells - Wind Bells and Windchimes from the Lago Luna Studio.

Dinner Bells

These contemporary, rustic, and colorful dinner bells are part of our "Friendship Bell" series. They are modern take on the historical...
Fine Art Sculpture. Colors is an original table top sculpture by Marc Staples

Fine Art Sculpture

Original Interior Fine Art Pieces Created at the Lago Luna Lakeside Studio in Southern Virginia.
Blueberry Gnomes Handcrafted in Virginia


These quirky creatures that we call Blueberry Gnomes are made of welded steel. Many have color accents and all are...
Wind Bells, Wind Chimes, and Mission Bells Hand Crafted at the Lago Luna Lakeside Studio in Clarksville, Virginia

Wind Bells

Our original wind bells and mission bells are made using hand crafted techniques and traditional designs that follow the time-honored craftsmanship of...
Purchase Windchimes and Windbells handcrafted in Southern Virginia by Marc Staples

Wind Chimes

Lake Country Wind Chimes are our exclusive original lineup of wind bells and chimes. All of our Lake Country Wind Chimes have an enchanting, seductive...
Wine Bottle Holders | Down Home Modern | Hand-crafted decor for home, deck, patio, greenhouse, or garden. Perfect gift items, stylish home décor.

Wine Bottle Holders

Continuing with our fun-themed gift items is our wine bottle holder collection. We are excited to expand this line into...