San Vicente Wind Bell

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This Southwest-inspired rustic wind bell is called "San Vicente" and is a new introduction to our original Frontier Bell™ Collection.
The San Vicente Bell makes a gorgeous addition to any home, deck, patio, greenhouse, or garden. It is the perfect gift for anyone that enjoys rustic elegance.
The length of the bell headpiece, body, and the striker is about 18 inches. The width and depth is approximately 4 inches respectively. Hanging chain is included. Our rustic bells are not cast as in the old days, but made from new and sometimes repurposed materials.
As with the appearance, the tone of the bell is rustic.
These carefully hand crafted instruments compliment the beauty of your garden and environment.
Each of our San Vicente Frontier Mission Bells is individually handcrafted in Virginia applying time-honored American Craftsman techniques. All of our Frontier Bells bear the monogram of the artist… a small "M" on the striker.
A bit of Mission Bell history;
The San Vicente Mission dates back to 1780 and founded by the Dominican missionaries Miguel Hidalgo and Joaquin Valero among the Paipai Indians of northwestern Baja California, Mexico.
San Vicente was one of the largest and most important of the Dominican missions, because of its fertile land, abundant water, and important location on the missions' Camino Real.
As at other Baja California missions, the native population diminished under the impact of Old World diseases, the political climate became less favorable to the missions under an independent Mexico a