San Pedro Mission Bell

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Mission Bell San Pedro y San Pable de Tubutama

Another Spanish-inspired rustic mission bell titled San Pedro. The design of this bell was inspired by ceramic and metal bells handmade in northern Mexico in the 17th century. The three rings in the bell's header represent the three mission buildings constructed between 1691 and 1706.

The length of the bell body and the striker is about 11 inches. The width is approximately 5 inches. A 10 inch hanging chain is included making the total height 21 inches. 

A Bit of History

Tubutama is a town in the north-west of the Mexican state of Sonora. Tubutama was the headquarters of religious administration for the entire Pimeria Alta during much of the Jesuit and Franciscan period of Spanish colonial rule. Established by the Jesuits in 1691, the first mission building was destroyed in the Pima uprising of 1695. 

A second adobe church was completed in 1699 and a third may have been finished in 1706. It is believed that Tubutama was the first settlement in the Pimeria Alta laid out as a fortified town with the houses built into ramparts and their doors opening into the plaza. The walls had only two narrow gates which were closed from sundown to sunrise to protect the people inside at night.