San Miguel Wind Bell

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This Southwest-inspired rustic wind bell is called "San Miguel" and is part of our original Frontier Mission Bell™ Collection. The San Miguel Bell makes a gorgeous addition to any home, deck, patio, greenhouse, or garden.

It is the perfect gift for anyone that enjoys rustic elegance. Even a slight breeze will cause this exclusively designed bell to resonate. The length of the bell body plus the striker is about 16 inches. The width and depth are approximately 3 inches respectively. A 10 inch hanging chain is included making the total length about 26 inches. 

Our rustic bells are not cast from bronze as in the old days but hand made from cast iron and steel materials. As with the appearance, the tone of the bell is more rustic. Each of our mission bells is individually handcrafted in Virginia applying time-honored American Craftsman techniques.

A bit of Mission Bell history...

Santa Fe’s "San Miguel Mission" was built between 1605 and 1608. The church was built by the Franciscan missionaries on the south of the Santa Fe River. The area of its location was known as the Barrio de Analco, the Aztec word meaning “the other side.”

The San Miguel Mission is reputed to be the oldest church in the United States. In 1680 during the Pueblo Revolt, the church was set ablaze but not completely destroyed. (Our thanks to Ana Pacheco and Wikipedia for this snippet of historical information)

Locally made bells were crudely cast in a sand mold in the ground. Fine bells imported from Spain or Mexico often had a saint’s name and date included on their outer surfaces as part of the original casting. Our rustic bells are not cast as in the old days, but instead, they are made from repurposed materials.

As with the appearance, the tone of the bell is more rustic. Part of our "All Things Made Better in America" mindset.