San Geronimo Wind Bell

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This Southwest-inspired rustic wind bell is called San Geronimo and is a new introduction to our original Frontier Mission Bell™ Collection.

The length of the bell headpiece, body, and the striker is about 14 inches. The width and depth are approximately 3 inches respectively. A 10" hanging chain is included. Our rustic bells are not cast as in the old days, but made from new and sometimes repurposed materials. As with the appearance, the tone of the bell is rustic.

The San Geronimo Wind Bell makes a gorgeous addition to any home, deck, patio, greenhouse, or garden. It is the perfect gift for anyone that enjoys rustic elegance.

These carefully hand crafted instruments compliment the beauty of your garden and environment.

Each of our San Geronimo Frontier Mission Bells and Chimes is individually handcrafted in Virginia applying time-honored American Craftsman techniques. Every San Gabriel Frontier Bell bears the monogram of the artist… a small "M" on the striker.

A bit of Mission Bell history;
San Geronimo de Taos mission was built around 1619. It was the first Spanish-Franciscan mission and was built by priests with Indian labor near what is now modern-day Taos, New Mexico.

In an uprising against the Spaniards, as many as 8,000 Pueblo warriors killed 21 Franciscan friars, more than 400 Spaniards, and drove some 1,000 settlers out of the region. Unfortunately, during the uprising, the original San Geronimo church at the pueblo was also destroyed.

In 1706, the San Geronimo Mission was rebuilt. Currently, one of the main highlights of the Taos pueblo is the San Geronimo Church built in 1850. Though it is one of the “youngest” buildings in the village, it is a wonderful example of mission architecture.

There is archaeological evidence that the Taos Valley has been inhabited as far back as 3,000 B.C. and some existing prehistoric ruins date from about 900 A.D.