Candelaria Wind Bell

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The Candelaria Bell is Marc Staples' most ambitious wind bell project to date. The bell features his new "multiple point striker" that can contact the bells interior from as many three angles simultaneously. The result is a very boisterous windchime effect.

The body of the bell features a random slotted pattern that is slightly reminiscent of abstract flowers and it has a torched patina containing rich reds, blues, and copper colors.

The head piece is cast steel formed in the shape of a flame. This unique windbell is definitely for those with eclectic tastes.

NOTE: The total length of the bell from top of the chain to bottom of the sail is approximately 28 inches. The body width is 3 inches.

About the Spanish Mission Candelaria near Uvalde, Texas
Mission Candelaria was founded in 1749 on a branch of the Nueces River near the present town of Montell in northwestern Uvalde County, Texas. The mission was established at the request of two Lipan Apache leaders who sought protection for their people.

There was a house with its little chapel and in front of it a large hut constructed by Lipane Apache Indians. The Fernandine missionaries flattered themselves that they would be able to induce these Indians to live in this place. It was never successful and the Lipanes only laughed at the zeal and credulity of the friars..