Bluegill Wind Chime

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This rustic wind chime is called "Bluegill" and is the third entry to our Lake Country Wind Chime Collection. Bluegill, also known as Bream, or Sunfish, is a species of fish that is common in Virginia's Buggs Island Lake..

The total length from the hanging chain to the bottom of the sail is about 36 inches. The width is 10" and depth is approximately 4 inches. A 10" hanging chain is included. The 4" bell produces an elegant harmonious tone. The bell is engraved with subtle bamboo patterns. The forged metal header is etched with a wood grain pattern. The entire piece has a colorful torched copper finish accented with subtle blues, golds and yellows.

These carefully hand crafted instruments compliment the beauty of your garden and environment. Our Buggs Island Windchimes, wind bells and home decor items have the time-honored craftsmanship of our ancestors which shows in the small irregularities and beauty of hand-crafted products and hand applied patina finishes, a small testament that these items are not stamped out on an assembly line.

The Bluegill Windchime makes a gorgeous addition to any home, deck, patio, greenhouse, or garden. It is the perfect gift for anyone that enjoys rustic elegance.

Every Lake Country Wind Chime bears the monogram of the artist Marc Staples… a small "M" on the sail.