The Feng Shui of Windchimes

Have you ever noticed that almost all windchimes look alike? They usually consist of a bunch of dangling pipes, a wooden header and striker, and a wind sail… all tied together with twine. Of course there is a practical reason for it… this basic design allows them to be cheaply mass-produced without much thought beyond the profit margins. An online search for wind chimes results in a list of companies that promote things like "best prices", "don't overpay", "best customer service"…. basically selling everything but any inspiring qualities their chimes may have.

In the Lago Luna Studio our focus is different. We decided at the outset that all of our wind bells and chimes would possess an exceptional sense of aesthetic design. We call this our Feng Shui of windchimes. Feng Shui literally translates into "wind-water", and from ancient times good Feng Shui has been believed to bring us positive life-force energy. While the sound of the bell is important, without pleasing aesthetics the item lacks the ability to bring well-being, health and comfort to our lives… it becomes just another "product".

Every DownHomeModern windchime, wind bell, and ships bell is individually handcrafted from scratch. All components are cut and hammered by hand, the patinas and finishes are applied by hand, and as a result the finished products are all unique. While these time-honored methods of craftsmanship limit the amount of items we can produce… we think the results are worth it. Not many other companies that sell windchimes can make this same claim.

And as to Feng Shui, when a place feels right, it nourishes your spirit. Our DownHomeModern wind bells and chimes can add just that sense of completeness to your home.

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