A New Life For An Old Chicken House

In the quaint town of Buffalo Junction, Virginia, the echoes of history reverberated through the old chicken house that stood as a testament to bygone days. Metal sculptor Marc Staples, an artist-craftsman with a passion for transforming the forgotten into the extraordinary, saw potential in the dilapidated structure and set out on a journey to breathe new life into it.

The yearning to create something special led Marc to embark on a challenging project – the conversion of the chicken house into the Lago Luna Metal Art Studio. The building, a relic from 1939, bore the scars of time and misfortune. Its weathered exterior held stories of resilience, and Marc aimed to honor its history while crafting a new narrative.

The five-month endeavor unfolded as a labor of love and dedication. Construction posed a unique challenge, as there wasn't a straight angle to be found in the entire building. The chicken house, having once been knocked off its foundation by a thunderous collision with a transfer truck, stood as a symbol of resilience. Undeterred, Marc and his team worked tirelessly to restore and reshape the structure.

Rotten wooden siding made way for fresh planks, breathing vitality back into the old bones of the building. The shingle roof, worn and weary, was replaced with a gleaming new metal counterpart. To enhance the charm, wings were added to the ends of the building, giving it a whimsical touch reminiscent of creativity at play.

A coat of barn-red paint transformed the studio into what appears to be an old country store, inviting visitors to step back in time as they explore the treasures within. The addition of a craft gallery elevated the space, providing a platform for Marc to showcase his metal masterpieces and host exhibitions.

Nestled next to a large garden center, farm supply store, and plant nursery, the Lago Luna Metal Art Studio and Gallery quickly has become a beacon for art enthusiasts and curious tourists alike. The studio's picturesque setting, surrounded by vibrant flora and a working farm, added to its allure, making it a destination worth exploring.

The studio now offered an array of handcrafted garden ornaments and custom-made landscape features, each piece telling a story of craftsmanship and creativity. Visitors are treated to occasional live demonstrations, witnessing the mesmerizing dance of fire and metal as Marc showcases his welding and blacksmithing skills. There is even an observation window between the gallery and the welding shop so visitors can safely watch metal creations come to life. Workshops are also offered, providing eager learners with the opportunity to delve into the world of metal artistry.

What was once a forgotten chicken house has evolved into a thriving hub of artistic expression, drawing people from near and far. Lago Luna Metal Art Studio and Gallery had not only revived a piece of local history but had also become a source of inspiration, reminding all who visit that beauty can emerge from the most unexpected places. Marc Staples has not just built a studio; he has woven a tapestry of creativity, turning the echoes of the past into a symphony of the present.

Come visit the studio, gallery, and gardens.
6150 Highway 58
Buffalo Junction, Virginia