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This little guy called Stumpy is a mischievous metal gnome from the whimsical wacky and adorable metal gnome Collection named Blueberry Gnomes.

Made of steel. Approximate dimensions are 9" tall, 4" wide, 4" deep.

The Folklore of the Blueberry Gnomes...
Despite it being rarely seen, a Blueberry Gnome can be heard moving around, as they are said to be clumsy creatures and incapable of complete stealth. Because of this, they will make themselves known with the tricks they play such as removing bedsheets or putting firecrackers in the microwave oven. (or even in your underwear)

Each Blueberry Gnome is individually handcrafted in Virginia applying time-honored American Craftsman techniques. Due to the handmade nature of this item, each one is unique and its personality can vary.