Fat Cat Fish

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This metal catfish is called "Fat Cat Fish". He is part of our whimsical whacky and adorable metal figurine collection of Blueberry Gnomes. He works long hours using his whiskers to find delicious water beetles, grasshoppers, and anything else that smells good to eat. 

Made of steel, approximate dimensions are 10" long, 7" wide, 7" high. Fat Cat can be displayed indoors or outdoors. The finish is the natural color of steel which can change to a beautiful rust patina when exposed to the elements outdoors. 

What's the difference between a politician and a catfish? One is a big-mouthed, bottom feeder, and the other is a fish.

There is quite a bit of folklore about catfish. 
Here is a Native American story about why the catfish has a flat head. It seems as though the chief of the catfish was tired of eating scraps from the mud. He wanted to eat meat as the wolves do. So he called a council of the fish and laid out his plan for getting the meat that they wanted.  They planned to hide in the grasses and lilies and when the moose came to drink in the early morning the chief catfish would spear him first. The other catfish would then attack and kill the moose once it got into deep enough water.  The chief catfish hit his mark.  The moose was very angry and waged war on the catfish.  The moose started thrashing in the water trampling all of the catfish into the mud.  They were not killed, but only stunned.  Once the moose was satisfied he left leaving the catfish struggling in the mud.   Most of them wriggled out and from then on the catfish, all have flattened heads with their spears attached to their fins.

Each Fat-Cat Fish is individually handcrafted by Marc Staples in Virginia applying time-honored American Craftsman Techniques.